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10/11/09 09:23 PM #1    

Katy Phillips (Blackhall)

Thank you to: Jim Swenson for arranging the location,
Carol Weis Felsenthal arranging the food,
Billy Bauer - hosting us on Friday evening at Marcello's,
and to Jan Armstrong Berry for organizing the entire event. The tour of Central School was great. It was a blast to see everyone again at the Golf Club.


10/14/09 12:54 AM #2    

Vicki Mack (Scruggs)

This was SOOO fun - I can't believe all the friends I got to see and enjoy. Thank you Jan, Jim and Carol and Billy for all of what you accomplished. It was so nice to have everything spaced out so it was not so much of a one night of overload - I know that I came home exhausted just from the emotional aspect of it all. People here (mostly my work) could not believe that this could have even happened. I turned in my camera to get pix that I will get tomorrow. Polly will have one ton of pix and I can't wait to see them. I did leave a disposable camera at the Golf Club - I did not take but a couple of shots but I hope someone picked it up and took more!!

Thanks again for everything - you guys did an incredible job!!

Lots of love XXXOOO


10/18/09 12:39 AM #3    

Jan Armstrong (Berry)

I picked up the disposable camera - will use it up and post reunion pics. Have you seen the slide show on the Home Page? If you send me pics, I'll post them, too. If I figure out how to share my album on, you can post them yourselves.

Stay tuned :)


10/20/09 07:25 PM #4    

Mady Raffel (Kaleel)

the pics are great, when someone figures out how I can share mine let me know...had an amizing time, and on Sunday it was weird to go back to reality after reliving my youth. Everyone looks sooo great!!!!!

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